KFC singapore has a ROTF promotion

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    Mods,i dont know where to put this,so please move if in the wrong forum.
    Anyway,KFC singapore has a promotion for ROTF,and the toyline line up includes optimus prime,bumblebee,starscream and ironhide.I picked up ironhide,and will do a little 'review' for you guys.I dont have an official poster to showcase the other toys,but will put it up when i eventually find one.

    In package.(there is a little hasbro silver sticker at the bottom of the package)

    His GMC Topkick pickup truck mode is pretty decent,and looks very similar to its voyager counterpart.Unfortunately i do not have it to compare it with.

    Robot mode looks pretty nice for a fast food restaurant toy,and its transformation is similar to Mcdonalds animated optimus prime's.The entire rear of the truck folds down to become the legs,the doors spilt to become the shoulders,pull out the arms from under the doors and flip up the head.However,he does have a hollow back.

    Overall i think its a decent toy,but animated optimus prime is a tad better.

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