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    *added photobucket link to pics of NEW ITEMS 6/19/18*

    Spring Cleaning!!! Clear out ALL the clutter!!!

    No longer collecting for myself, so I'm getting rid of everything that I've collected over the years.

    Everything from an adult collector. Non-smoking, climate controlled environment. These items come straight from carefully packed storage bins.
    If you disagree with a posted price, please feel free to send a reasonable offer, and we can work it all out. :scalper 

    Contact me if you have any questions, and more details on specific figures.
    Please do not post here, thank you.

    within United States only.
    Every item packaged as carefully as possible. Over a decade of shipping experience.
    Item(s) will ship usually same or next day after cleared payment.

    Payment Paypal preferred.


    Probably a long shot, but looking for Outdoor, or S.T.E.M. related items. Any contributions go a long way.
    Also interested in Pre-TF and/or prototypes to preserve/passdown TF history.


    *New Items* Make an Offer

    (you'll find a large bulk of photos here Sales Items by monkskey33 )

    Various WST (see pics)
    Justitoys Dinorobots Dark Retribution LUCKY DRAW (translucent red)
    Transformers Movie Protoform Starscream LIMITED EDITION MIB
    Robot Masters Ehobby Black Starscream COLLECTORS GRADE
    MP YOTH Optimus Prime 30th Anniversary MISB
    MP King Grimlock 2nd Run COLLECTORS GRADE
    G1 Pre-rub Starscream
    G2 Green Slag MISP
    C-121: Gurafi reissue NEW
    C-122: Noizu reissue NEW
    C-123: Dairu reissue NEW
    C-124: Zauru reissue NEW
    Various older KO's (see pics and/or inquire)
    Modded consoles (inquire)

    Master Replica Lightsabers: (displayed only)
    Darth Maul MIB $385
    Darth Vader MIB $185
    Anakin MIB $215
    Obi-Wan Kenobi MIB $295
    Lightsaber Construction Kit NEW $165

    Prehistory Animals:
    (all mint unused)
    #1 Tyuannosaurus Grimlock
    #2 Triceratops Slag
    #3 Prontosaurus Swoodge
    #4 Stegosaurus Snarl
    941b4f23.jpg ce122dd0.jpg

    Fall of Cybertron: (all MISB unless marked)

    Soundblaster $19
    Grimlock $23
    Blaster $23
    Kickback MIB (bubble detached. never removed) $10
    Starscream $18
    Shockwave SOLD
    Frenzy & Ratbat SOLD
    Eject & Ramhorn SOLD
    Ravage & Rumble SOLD
    Rewind & Sunder SOLD

    Reveal the Shield:
    Turbo Tracks MISB $16
    Turbo Tracks MIB $12
    Perceptor MISB $14
    Solar Storm Grappel MISB $25
    Optimus Prime MIB $11
    Jazz MISB $25
    Bumblebee x2 $11 ea
    Jazz MIB SOLD
    Rodimus vs Cyclonus MISB SOLD

    Universe 2.0: (all MIB unless marked)
    Smokescreen $14
    Ironhide $18
    Silverstreak $13
    Galvatron $10
    Starscream MISB x2 $27 ea
    Starscream $23
    Dinobot $33
    Tankor $12
    Acid Storm TRADED
    Cyclonus TRADED

    Sideswipe SOLD
    Inferno SOLD

    Starscream MISB $45
    Ghost Starcsream MISB SOLD

    Activity Center MIB Complete $75

    3rd Party:
    Fansproject Parallax Protector & Sidearm $75
    TFC-004 Gear of War $40
    SuperAlloy Suvivalist Wheelie $55
    KFC B-Box & Birdbomber $35
    Xtransbots Glider $35
    Xtransbots Wild Child $40
    SFX Scouting Force X PE-11X Night Ops $95
    TRNS-01 Valkyrie $75
    Bestoys Ironhide & Ratchet Heads $13
    Igear MW-02 Rager x2 $30 ea
    Igear MW-01 Spray $20
    Fansproject Function-X1 $55
    Exosuit 01 & 02 $75
    Maketoys Hover & Bomber SOLD
    Igear MW-02g Rager SOLD
    Igear Generations Kup Heads SOLD

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    Back from camping, Bump.

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