Ken Christiansen - Leftover BotCon art stuff.

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    From the blog, if anybody is interested:

    "Yes, there are leftover sketchbooks, along with some 2011 books as well:

    $15 for just a sketchbook, $25 for a sketchbook with a quick head sketch on the inside cover.

    $6 USPS Priority Shipping and Handling for the United States.
    $13 USPS Priority Shipping and Handling for Canada and Mexico.
    $17 USPS Priority Shipping and Handling for International Locations.

    I also have leftover prints, those are $20 each. $11 USPS Priority Shipping and Handing, shipped flat, insurance recommended. I can give you ship quotes on Mex/CA, and International if needed.

    Email me at, with 'Sketchbook Order', 'Prints Order', or 'I just want some Arts' in the Subject Line, let me know what you want, and I'll create an invoice for you with payment options. Paypal preferred.

    Also, I take commissions every now and again, that's $70 for a 9x12 grayscale drawing, a character waist up. We can always talk if something more involved..."

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