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    Am I allowed to post Rider stuff here? I think there's a lot of shared fans between the Rider and TF fandom, but I could be wrong. Anyway, this was more about drafting, manipulating, and modifying a design. The process was very similar in many ways to industrial design.

    Anyway, like with all good sketches, we start with the really rough sketch I did at work.

    Then starts all the iterations I did.

    Some finalizing of designs, color experimentation (for different forms [explained in fiction])

    Time to put it all together.

    I'll probably go on and do a better final draft since this Mark1 is kinda patch-worked together.

    Kamen Rider Monochrome came from the idea of reflecting minimalist style in a rider design while keeping an artistic motif.Monochrome's belt (based off an art pallet) works like a stick shift, in which he slides the handle over to the far left to activate his henshin (turning him to the black and white colors) Sliding it to the other colors gives him different abilities and colored costumes.

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    Kaaameeeeeen... Raaaiiiidaaaaahhh... MO-NO-CHROME!!!


    Awesome, and he is a form changing Rider yet looking ass kickingly old school, he looks really awesome, also love how his scarf hides his mouth guard.

    Yeah next to being a Transformers fan, I am also a Kamen Rider fan (absolutely adore Black, Kuuga, Agito, Kiva and W/Double/Daburu). Also I just adore that belt buckle design of his man, pretty sweet and creative, same goes to his armor design, loooove how you've incorporated the hopper into it

    EDIT: heck your drawing even looks a whole lot better then the Kamen Rider sketch I've been working on since last week, but meh. That is besides the point, your drawing looks badassly awesome man!

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