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Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Reviews' started by Cheebs, Jun 22, 2006.

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    So.... I finally have a trailer for Prime.

    The review in a nutshell: If you can get your hands on this trailer for $50-$60, do it.

    I'll start with the box. JustIToys really went out of their way to make this match the Japanese MP Prime box, right down to the cardboard used, type fonts, and foil lettering. Sit it on a shelf right next to Prime's box and it fits in perfectly. Kudos to some creative copyright circumventing as well with what should say "Transformers" (we get Trailer instead in the Transformers font)

    As for the trailer itself: Obviously it doesn't have the bells and wistles of the transforming trailer. If you need that, then stop reading and don't buy this trailer. All this trailer does is sit there and be a trailer (and hold an Alternator if you wish). However, as far as just sitting there and being a trailer, this toy is up to the task.

    The details are great. You get wheels (and wheel wells) that perfectly match the back wheels on the Cab (unlike the transforming trailer that goes for different style wheel wells). The stripes and Autobot symbol are molded into the plastic, and the paint applied to them looks very even, and very thick. A very solid deco. Most of the molded details mimic the G1 trailer, even going as far as including the "crack" in the top of the trailer where the original split open and the hole in the top and front where the gun tower on the original could pop out. Again, there is no gun tower on this trailer but the external detail is a nice bit of nostalgia anyway.

    A few details go beyond the G1 original. For starters, the rear gate of the trailer is molded with much better realism, and includes paint apps on the bars and hinges. The rear of the trailer also includes one of those safety bumpers near the ground that prevents small cars from sliding under the trailer in the even of a rear-end collision. This bumper has the words "20th Aniversary" written in a black sans-serrif uppercase font. The front of the trailer (facing the back of the cab) has two metal bars not present in the G1 original that add a much needed bit of detail to break up an otherwise blank surface. Very nice indeed.

    Onto the large picture: The plastic used is up to par. It is a nice solid gray devoid of "swirl patterns" aside from two concentrated areas on the top near molded details. The sides are flawless. The build feels very sturdy. It could easily pass for an official product in the quality department. The box advertises die-cast parts, but the die-cast is limited to a slab less than a quarter inch thick on the bottom of the wheel structure. Purchase this knowing that it is all plastic more or less.

    The trailer is big. I know it's smaller than the transformable trailer, but still... I was shocked at the size. Clear a ton of shelf space.

    But most importantly....

    The trailer looks spectacular when combined with Prime. It covers up the back of the cab, which never looked like anything other than legs stuck together, and pulls together the whole "huge truck" theme that Prime is known for. Prime becomes the Prime I know. Complete. Looking like his cartoon self. Big and imposing. And for all the complaining people do about 20th Prime's alt mode (for the record I always thought it was fine), the trailer makes him look like, well... a truck.

    One little oddity: The trailer's connecting pin is waaaaaaaaay too thin for the connecting hole on Prime. Instead, the trailer comes with an insert you fit into Prime's connecting hole to make it smaller. Odd, but the insert fits snugly and will not fall out in 'bot mode so it's not a problem. Just...odd.

    Anyway, I'm quite happy with my trailler. If you're looking to complete your Prime and don't need the transformation of the (much) more expensive transformable trailer or don't want to buy a whole 'nuther Prime for Takara's upcomming official trailer, the JustIToys trailer does no wrong for what it is.
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    I second all of that. G1 Prime's trailer transformation never really impressed me anyway. I suppose it worked better when the thing came with the little Diaclone men with the foot magnets. They never used it in the cartoon anyway, if he's just going to leave it behind when he goes to robot, what does it need to open for?

    And hey, now I've got somewhere to stash his gun when he drives around.

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