justin finished watching Dragon Ball movie 4

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    i think it happens to be a very good retelling of the red ribbon army sagas to be honest

    though i do think the movie could have been changed for the better background music wise.

    can anyone here recommend some good bruce faulconer music from the db/dbz anime series?

    right now i think the best theme to be used for the movies final fight between goku and general black would be gohan angers theme from dragon ball z's the super perfect cell saga

    dont know why really but whenever i watch the final fight in path to power all i ever hear playing in my head in the back of my mind in the way of background music is gohan angers theme when goku completely snaps afeter witnesing the death of android number 8 when the little guy powers up to near super saiyan level and goes all ape slag killing general black

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