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    3 questions

    as 3 part storylines go in justice league did Secret Oirgins, The Savage Time and Starcrossed ever get released individually as justice league animated movies on dvd?

    were there ever any kind of lyrics to go with the blackhawks theme when it comes tothat aireal dogfight that happenes in the savage time part 2?

    and lastly

    would it be possibble to actually use the lyrics from this song as the words to the blackhawks theme from the savage time

    http://www.comictreadmill.com/CTMBlogarchives/2005/2005_Individual/2005_05/000789.phppart 2

    turns out the blackhawks actually had a sort of theme song piece written for them way back in the golden age comic book era

    i got me a bet going with my uncle john with 50 bucks riding on it with me saying the blackhawks theme from the savage tme part 2 is based on that old song and unlce joh nkeeps insisting in his stubborness that its not based on that old song from the comics

    as a old school fan john happens to be both a seriouse comic book history buff and is also a long time fanboy of the golden and silver age comics but he also happens to be a fan of the dcau cartoons as well and the savage time happens to be one of his favorite dcau movies

    anyways he keeps bending my ear on the matter saying its not based on it and i actually think it is

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