justice league legends as a predestination time loop?

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    let me know what you think of this

    how might justice league have gone over with the fanbase if from the very beginning it was made clear early on that the 7 original founding heroes had formed the justice league due to their drawing inspiration from the historical past exploits and the lives of the original members of the justice society who in the present day were completely retired at the time the original seven formed the justice league

    how might things have played out timeline wise between the season 1 episodes legends and the savage time if the 2 part Legends storyline had actually played out as a straight time travel storyline?

    these are just my thoughts on the matter but i think legends could have been better storyline wise if the flash had instead accidentally sent himself hawkgirl, green lantern and john jones into the past to the 1950's where they would actually meet the golden age era justice society members black canary, the atom, the flash,the green lantern and wildcat

    but with the twist on this rather epic time travel storyline being that the justice society members clearly remember having met the jla members in a earlier point in time in the past during world war 2

    basicly this part of the storyline would have clearly implied a predestination time travel loop and could be explained away do to the possible fact that in this version of the savage time storyline hawkgirl, green lantern, the flash, and john jones had either saved the life of those 5 members of the justice society during world war 2 or had left a positive lasting impression on them which had over time in the long term inspired each of those jsa members to become the hero's and heroin that the 5 were when the 4 jla members met up with them for the first time in legends

    but with the events in legends happening later on time wise due to the savage time taking place during the early to mid 1940's and legend taking place during the 1950's

    in its way if legends and the savage time had played out like that it would have implied that the justice league had both inspired the existance of the justice society with the justice society having also inspired the seven founding heros to form the justice league in the first place and at the same time would have served as a epic time travel twist to a already epic jsa storyline for the dcau
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    The original idea was to use the JSA for that arc. DC vetoed the concept, for the better really as it would have locked out the JSA characters for later use, and we got Wildcat in Unlimited.

    To be honest I think the story worked fine as it was. The extra baggage would have been unnecessarily complicated IMO.
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    While the heroes in the episode Legends were obviously based on the JSA, I'm glad they weren't the JSA.

    I wouldn't want those guys trapped in that hell of a world.

    And like Sol said, if JSA characters appeared later (and they did) it would have created baggage.

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