Just to share my lastest purchases of the week....

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by FortressMaximus1976, Jun 24, 2007.

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    Its' been a pretty good week for me in terms of getting some really choice stuff I've been wanting in the world of TF.

    Firstly, earlier in the week I got the Masterpiece Megatron Unmodified and freshly sealed in his box from an online store out of California. Took them a while to get it in, but its finally here, as I had it on backorder since April.

    I have an Alternators Smokescreen from BBTS thats shipped this week, and should be to me by the 27th....a day before my Birthday!! Finally my Alt Silverstreak will have his buddy by his side

    And yesterday afternoon, I hit up NYC for the day. Took a stop over to see my friends at Image Anime (whom told me they are moving to a new, bigger location in the city by August), and purchased a boatload of Binaltechs: Grimlock, Laserwave, Lambor/Sideswipe, Hound, and Blue Tracks.

    From there, I went over to Toy Toyko in the village, and picked up another Binaltech: Blue Prowl...I also checked out this vintage collectable store next to it, I can't remember the name, but they had loads of different old stuff, like Star Wars, Kiss Memorabilia, etc. They didn't have too much in the way of TF as far as what I can see, but I did scope out an Original Boxed G1 Prime, flap creased and overall c7 box condition, but sealed bubble (I'm assuming, but I didnt inquire). THis item was going for a $490 price tag or there about, so that wasnt on my priority list. :lol  Thats ok, I have encore prime coming this August. They did have a beat up Trailbreaker (probably c8 condition), they also had some G2 Dinobots: Slag (in green) and Grimlock (blue), and one of the workers was putting up a boxed Powermaster Prime.

    Had a great week so far, and with my birthday this week, followed by Botcon, all should be steller....,and then the movie as well to round things out. Can't get much better!!

    I'm out for now.
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    That store is called Love Saves the Day, right next to Toy Tokyo.
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    Wow youve got lots of money, unlike me :lol 

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