Just sat and watched TF:TM and... (not a Geewunner btw! :P)

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    ...having tried to watch it like 3/4 years ago or something and going "WTF to that...", it was a lot better this time around.

    I noticed a lot of the little nods that were used in the movie trilogy. True, TFTM is basically one big colourful, epileptic firefight but it wasn't all that bad.

    Anyway, after seeing this and knowing that there is likely to be a reboot/new trilogy for the big screen films, there were scenes from the original that I would like to see make it big!

    If it were a trilogy, it would definitely be Optimus Prime in the first, dying at the end and being replaced by Ultra Magnus for the second films focus. Midway into that, Hot Rod would appear and be pretty cool, "Dino"-style, and be the focus for the third film after Magnus dies at the start of the third. Megatron being the villain in the first, Galvatron in the second and Galvatron/Unicron in the third.

    Enjoyed Kup and Blaster in particular, and kept imagining the Dino-bots to be replicas of the Jurassic Park counterparts, but metal and slightly more skeleton-styled, like Shockwave in DoTM.

    Galvatron's fight with Hot Rod was cool, and most of the chase scenes with the Seekers. Would be cool to see them in the cinema tbh for the new generation.

    Again, I'm not a G1 fan, having only watched the film once or twice and barely ANY episodes. The only series I've watched is Prime and it's pretty awesome!

    What kind of scenes would you love to see in new films?

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