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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by unchained5150, Jul 14, 2009.

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    I'm looking for a few Classics/Universe figures. Admittedly, they're of the rarer variety so, I'm not expecting anything I have to be worthy of a trade so, a straight buy would work out well.

    Shattered Glass Optimus
    Shattered Glass Rodimus
    Henkei Dirge
    Henkei Thrust
    Henkei Red Alert
    Henkei Wildrider
    Henkei Crystal Convoy
    Henkei Ghost Starscream
    Henkei Clear Mirage
    Henkei Legends Cliffjumper
    Botcon '07 Clear Mirage
    Botcon '09 Banzai-Tron
    Music Label Soundwave
    Universe 2.0 Legends Wave 5 (Cosmos, Rodimus, Wheelie, Warpath)
    Universe 2.0 Legends Brawn

    Okay so, that turned into more than just a few hahaha. Thanks in advance to anyone that's willing to let go of anything on this list. =D

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