junker cybertron jetfire figure loose but complete

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    Mar 17, 2007
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    i have a cybertron jetfire figure that is complete in the sense that it comes with all the original parts, missile cannons and missles.

    the only downside though is that the figure is broken in to seperate halves with the entire upp body being in tact figure wise but the entire lower waist has brocken away completly from the upper body

    the legs feet and joints throughout the figures dual jointed hips knees lower rotary joints beneath the kneejoints and the ankle joints in the feet lower legs are intact part wise

    other then the mid body rotating joint being completely brocken which attaches the upper and lower body together that is the only real damage so far as i can tell.

    its pretty much a good set of junker parts for anyone who would like to purchase it for their kitbash project

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