Junk bots for sale/trade and my want list

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    Junk bots for sale/trade *updated 2-3-09*

    These are just some junkers I've aquired recently and figured maybe someone could use them. This is just a quick post, so there are no pics, but I can provide them. If you're interested, PM me and make an offer.

    For sale/trade:
    Cybertron Dirtboss- missing cyber-key and weapon if he had one

    Movie Megatron- leader class, missing head

    Energon Megatron- leader class(?) missing head, shoulder cannons, and right wing piece

    Movie Optimus- voyager class, pretty much stripped bare... missing hands, head, all removeable panels, and weapons

    Energon Cyclonus- complete with minicon

    I also have 4 Lego Knights sets available

    *just added* Armada Megatron- missing missles, turret's a little loose, minicon IS included

    I ran out of room so I'll put my want list in a new thread.
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