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    May 17, 2012
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    Got these fellas left over from my stall at RollOut RollCall 4 in Southampton.
    I'm not selling on ebay anymore so I thought I'd offer them up here.
    All are G1, loose complete and in good nick unless otherwise stated.
    PM for pics if interested in a specific item.

    Quickswitch, w/instructions £35
    Chromedome £45 - PENDING
    Hotrod, Plastic feet no weapons £10
    Skywarp, w/instructions £40
    Hound, w/instructions £55
    Kup, bit rough £15
    Rodimus Prime £30
    Inferno, Chrome wear £22
    Snapdragon £60 - PENDING
    Pointblank £45
    Kup, w/instructions £25
    Sureshot, w/instructions £35
    Blitzwing, worn rubsign £30
    Sideswipe £45
    Doubledealer £50

    Boxed G1 Megatron complete £100

    Post to UK, Europe and US at cost.

    Jim :) 

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