Jim Sorenson Updates--Animation Model Of Megazarak Transforming

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    -Disciples of Boltax- With this week's update, Jim Sorenson shares the animation model and design created for Megazarak's cartoon transformation. Megazarak is the eqivalent of the U.S. G1 Scorponok. While not included in either Ark Compendium Book, this piece and the others we have seen are nice connections to the old television animation, and appreciated by fans who own the books and want more, and fans of the art and design of the period.

    You can view 'The Disciples of Boltax' here, and then follow the link to the newest blog about Megazarak's original illustrations.

    Thanks to Jim for his continued willingness to share these pieces of Transformers history with us. A sample of the page is teased below.


    ****Full image Below****


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