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    I got this as a portion of a lot, and while it is cool to have Jetfire's styrofoam, I really have no need of it. My Jetfire is a junker.

    Please note that this is only for the portion pictured, the styro that holds the bot, the gun and a few accessories. The armor had an additional piece of foam.

    I don't know how to begin to grade styrofoam, so here goes: It has wear, and is a bit dingy, but I believe that it will display well in the box. I am listing a few wants for trade, but feel free to make offers. Thanks!

    G1 Hound Posable Machine Gun
    G1 Wheeljack All accesories
    G1 Sunstreaker All accesories
    G1 Red Alert All accesories
    G1 Sideswipe All accesories
    G1 Astrotrain - Robot's right arm and gun

    Beast Wars Cheetor. I don't care if it's the original, the Fox Kid's repaint or the 10th ann. edition, just as long as figure and both guns are present.

    Again, feel free to make cash or other trade offers. Thanks!

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