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Discussion in 'Commissioner Listing and Feedback' started by JazzEd, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. JazzEd

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    Hey gang,

    I've got custom casts of guns that I want to start putting up for sale.

    Am now ready to start taking orders:) 

    Any orders over $12(including shipping costs) gets a free Stinger gun, color randomly choosen by me. :) 
    First things, first. Shipping(for now) is only within the United States.

    Shipping is a flat rate of $3. That will include shipping costs, tracking, and packaging materials.

    I'm only taking Paypal. I'd like it to be sent as a gift or please cover the 3% fee.

    Each cast may have tiny imperfections. I try to minimize them as best I can. Most will not be noticable.

    First type of gun up for sale is the 'Stinger. It fits most any 5mm peg holes. It'll fit in Classics Bumblebee/Hound/Sunstreaker/RTS Wreckgar. Different colors are available, just let me know what you want:) . $3 ea.


    Here's how the colors match up.

    1. Dark blue
    2. Grey
    3. Off red w/ a hint of orange
    4. light grey
    5. Tan
    6. Pumpkin Orange
    7. Yellow
    8. Brown with a hint of green

    Second gun is the 'Shock cannon.

    These can be ordered now. Just let me know what color you want. These are manly for Shockwave customs. So they come without handles. They can be drilled, sanded as you see fit.

    These are $6 ea. or $5 for two or more.
  2. G60Force

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    OMG!! I'd defo like the 2nd picture the left transparecy but with color or the purple!!
    Let me know when you are able to do this and if more peepz from the Netherlands like to join in lemma know :p 

    O BTW you could do me an extreme favor by casting the Original G1 Shochwave front barrel (that grey/silver thingy that supposed to go on his back...
    Would love to have 1 I could chrome and 1 in the same transparant purple :D 

    (if the latter above request is not possible I'll try myself ;)  THNX!)
  3. unicron nemesis

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    Feb 8, 2011
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    Let me know when you're ready to ship these outside of the States. I'll be interested :)  Good job!

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