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    Going to start this slowly for now. I primarily have Titanium Transformers (Mint/Loose) and MP Skywarps for trade if you're interested in a trade of some kind instead of a pure cash deal. Will open a for sale or trade thread soon.

    Takara Brave Series
    (MIB only please)
    The Brave Express Mightgaine: BR-01 Mightgaine (possibly found)
    Brave Fighter Exkizer: MP-B02 Dragon Kizer
    Brave Fighter Exkizer: MP-BX01 Great Exkizer

    Really only need the Dragon Kizer, but will take the MP-BX01 if it's the only way I can get my hands on a Dragon Kizer.

    Takara MP Series (MIB only please)
    MP-3 Starscream

    More to come...
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