japanese holidays and online retail problems

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Prisoner1138, Oct 5, 2007.

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    Maybe someone here is a little more familiar with Japanese holiday's than I am, but this is in relation to a certain little online retail store that shuts down for a week every time there's a Japanese holiday.

    Have there really been holidays in japan every week for the past month? And do they really take the entire week? Aside from my problems with this retail store that keeps blaming everything on these holidays, now I'm curious about holidays in Japan if they're real.

    All I really know about is new years, Christmas, golden week, valentine's day, i think the other is white day or something like that. But are there really that many holidays this time of year?

    I don't want to bitch about HLJ if this holiday thing is really true, and if it is I'd like to know more about it, because it would almost seem like they're crippling their economy for the entire month of September and then some if retail stores can't operate.

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