Japanese Henkei Classics wanted

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    I am looking to TRADE for the following Japanese Henkei figures (prefer sealed but Loose/MOC OK):

    Henkei Starsceam
    Henkei Mirage
    Henkei Bumblebee
    Henkei Hot Rod
    Henkei Tankor/Octane
    Henkei Hound
    Henkei Ramjet
    Henkei Cyclonus

    Also looking for the following non-Henkei Transformers (prefer unopened but opened OK):
    Cybertron Blurr
    Special Edition Classics Megatron (Silver Tank)

    I have the following to trade:

    Classics 1.0/Universe 2.0:
    Classics Onslaught (Mint Sealed Unopened Box)
    Dirge (Mint/Loose; from Target 2-pack)

    Robots in Disguise (RID):
    RID Storm Jet: c-9.0+ MOSC

    Beast Wars:
    Silverbolt: c-9+ MOSC (US)
    TM2 Megatron: c-9+ MISB (US)
    TM Blackarachnia: c-9+ MISB (US)

    TF Armada:
    Land Military Team: c-9+ MOC (opened)
    Deluxe Cyclonus: c-9+ MOSC
    Deluxe Optimus Prime w/ Minicon Overrun: c-9.0+ Loose/Complete w/ Instructions
    Ultra Megatron w/ Minicon Leader-1: c-9.0+ Loose/Complete w/ Instructions
    Ultra Jetfire w/ Minicon Comettor: c-9.0+ Loose/Complete w/ Instructions
    Smokescreen w/ Minicon Liftor: c-9.0+ Loose/Complete w/ Instructions
    Thrust w/ Minicon Inferno: c-9.0+ Loose/Complete w/ Instructions
    Sideswipe w/ Minicon Nightbeat: c-9.0+ Loose/Complete w/ Instructions
    Hot Shot w/ Minicon Jolt: c-9.0+ Loose/Complete w/ Instructions
    Blurr w/ Minicon Incinerator: c-9.0+ Loose/Complete w/ Instructions
    Armada Board Game (Sealed)
    Air Defense Team: c-9+ MOC (opened)

    TF: Energon:
    Prowl: c-9+ Loose/Complete w/ Bio-Card and Instructions
    Bulkhead: c-10 MISB

    Binaltech BT-01 Smokescreen - Loose; 100% complete with box and paperwork - SOLD

    Wave 1 HOC Optimus Prime PVC (Hasbro-sealed on card!)
    Wave 1 HOC Megatron PVC (Hasbro-sealed on card!)
    Wave 1 HOC Starscream PVC (Hasbro-sealed on card!)
    Act 1 Megatron PVC (Takara)
    Act 1 Clear Starscream PVC (Takara)
    Act 1 God Ginrai PVC (Takara) - missing R hand
    Act 3 Color Spike PVC Only (No Bumblebee) x 6 (Takara)

    GI Joe vs Transformers Vol. 1 & 2
    Cybertronian Index (very useful full-color guide covering all toys from G1 to RID)

    Other Toys:
    c-9.0+ MOSC 2002 MOTU Trapjaw
    c-9.0+ MOSC 2002 MOTU Triklops
    c-9.0+ MOSC 2002 MOTU Two-Bad
    c-9.0+ MOSC 2002 MOTU Whiplash
    c-9.0+ MOSC 2002 MOTU Sy-Clone
    c-9.0+ MOSC 2002 MOTU Ram Man
    c-9.0+ MOSC 2002 MOTU Prince Adam
    c-9.0+ MOSC 2002 MOTU Mekaneck
    c-9.0+ MOSC 2002 MOTU Orko
    Starcom Battlecrane c-9 MIB (Cdn. box)
    Starcom Laser R.A.T c-9 w/driver
    MOSC 1988 Iron Grenadiers GI Joe figure
    MOSC 1988 Night Viper GI Joe figure

    Please e-mail or PM if you are interested in trading. Thanks!
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    Aug 6, 2002
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