Iwata HP C Plus Airbrush FOR SALE

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    Excellent condition both visually and operationally. I paid $190 for it new. The cheapest 'new' one sells on Ebay for $179 and up. I am willing to let this brush go for $115 shipped. Like I said, it's in mint condition.

    It will be shipped with its original storage container (fitted foam inside) along with the cap, mini-wrench, and paperwork.

    Like I said, it's excellent condition. The outer tip on the nozzle cover (not the inside nozzle, just the cover) has a slight dent but has no effect whatsoever on the gun's operation.

    A new tip would cost about $15.

    This is an excellent high quality brand name airbrush with ultra fine capabilities for spraying and it's also a dual-action, gravity feed brush.

    Pics upon request and also a working video is available.

    PM me please, paypal only, add 3% to the total or send payment as a gift. USA only for price listed, otherwise international buyers will need to pay more for shipping.

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