iTunes bugged?

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by -Superion-, Dec 3, 2009.

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    Well, recently when I plugged in my iPod Touch to my PC because I wanted to sync it for some new songs, iTunes alerted me that a new update is available (I think it's 3.6.1), so I clicked yes and let it download. All sorts of problems then emerged: First, my iPod Touch got messed up, and iTunes then told me to restore it. I did it, then found out that all the apps I downloaded (many I paid for) were gone. Now, when I put in a CD to transfer the songs over to iTunes, I discovered that iTunes could not detect the CD in my DVD drive. I tested the CD with Windows Media Player and found out that it can be played, meaning that the problem is only with iTunes. What should I do? I'm thinking about uninstalling iTunes then reinstall it, although it means that all the songs in my library will probably be wiped out.
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    Try uninstalling then reinstalling iTunes first, that won't get rid of your music. After that there's a long article about uninstalling the computer's gear driver software, then reinstalling it

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