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    Oct 28, 2006
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    walmart exclusive Build team (loose)
    Armada Predacon (Loose no minicons)
    Beast wars Inferno $5-10
    Beast wars Transmetal II Cybershark $5-10
    Transmetal II Scarem with roman numerals $5
    Fox kids repaint transmetal Rattrap $5
    BW Megatron - Missing mutant mask I painted on it back when i first got him i was 14 or so and wanted a tv representation.... i added silver to some areas and painted the chest purple (paint is a little sloppy... c'mon i did it 10-11 yrs ago) $ 10
    Optimus Primal - missing 2 of 4blue missiles swords are painted silver (in talks with sale)
    Transmetal rhinox (repaint from armada missing minicon)
    a side pannel, and horn weapon)$5
    Transmetal Terrorsaur repaint from armada missing minicon, and left leg$5
    Transmetal Airraizor repaint (missing minicon)$8
    Armada Jetfire missing minicon (in talks with sale)
    RID KB Exclusive MEGABOLT )missing missile) $8
    Wreckgar pretty much a junker figure missing his axe and his rubber piece on the back wheel, arms are pretty loose but nothing is broken )in talks with sale)
    Pretender waverider just the robot, no shell no gun no anything just the robot himself$5
    armada prime trailer$10
    burgerking megatron/optimus$ 2 each

    thanks for your time


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