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    here are my items for sell for this week:
    price do not included shipping

    bumblebee 2008 moc - shelfwear on the box - 35
    JD production bubleblebee, missing cover piece- extremly rare!- 140
    energon beachomber- complete with 2 missiles, loose - 60

    beast wars:
    they are all the original, no reissue, loose
    scorponok- ?
    terrosaur- 35
    tripedecus agent- 10
    rampage- 30
    depthcharge- 25
    TM2 dinobot- 13
    TM rattrap- 6
    bonecrusher - 8
    sharkhammer- 8

    othe loose item:
    alternators battle ravage v1- 30
    cybertron galvatron 50

    complete nintendo sytem with box and insert- SUPER RARE
    2 remote, 1 gun, nintendo i will even give you a game genie with it for the right price

    item will be sold once i received them: shoot me pm to reserved it
    1 exclusive dinobot poster- dinobot in dino mode
    beast wars tigatron original MOC- 80
    spider man 3 black costume promo- super nice!!!- 10
    transformers promo (plastics glass) with 1 decepticon sticker- 10

    other items will be add on later this week

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