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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by macabre-art, Jan 17, 2007.

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    Hi hi, first post.

    Blitzwing is and always will be my #1 fav transformer. When I was a kid, I actually went threw two of them {my own and then a friends who gave it to me}. I currently own four {the origonal two, a replacment I got for myself, and another gift from a retired fan}.

    I took all of them apart and put them back together with the best possible peaces going in order from quality, and I'm very happy with how these four turned out {granted two are complete mush - ones I will most likely play with}.

    One is near mint, and I still have a box & bubble and what not. I want to store this guy away, but I want his stickers to be perfect before I do that, so first question;

    1.) Does the stickers from ehobbey's OverCharge match g1 Blitzwings?

    I happen to have two Overcharges {i'm a really big blitzy fan...}, one still in boxed tissue paper, and one out for display {although factory sealed}. Since the stickers are hidden behind the box art, and I cant find any good pictures online, can anyone tell me if the stickers are a match?

    I do have an unused Blitzy sticker sheet, but thats going in the box with this guy. I'm very tempted to open my Overcharge because...its just looking at me. And if the stickers are a perfect match then I wouldnt mind having a naked Overcharge for what he would be giving up.

    For my weakest blitzy I intend on repainting and putting him out for display only. I intend on going in high detail, going down to every mm of all 3 modes - proper shading on the fingers, gun blast powder / fade on the tank barrel, typical dirt from the jet intakes {although this will be tricky since its visible in tank mode}, even some rust and paint fadding around the rivits & tank hatches. And oh god am I going to town on those treads!

    But this leads to my second question. Since I'm going to sort of upgrade the paint job so that the purple fills in more of the unneccessary beige in jet mode and vice versa for tank mode, I need to get the purple just right {those metal grey strips are so gone...}.

    2.) What is the exact color of this purple? The only purple paint that I have access to that will work on this {and stay strong enough for transforming} is a metalic purple, which is a little to dark & glimmery for destron purple.

    And my last two questions are most likely basic nit pickly common ones;

    3.) Is there any way at all to tighten the tail fin / feet? Other than replacing the legs. I thought maybe taking a minor flame to reshape the hole in the side, so that maybe it will hold the metal fin more, but this will weaken it...any ideas?

    4.) Is there any way at all to reshape the turrents gun so that it doesnt slide in and out freely? This is just annoying, all four of mine have this, and I clearly remember when they were new it held itself in nicely. When I was mix matching for the best parts, I saw that the inside of the turrent had a prong, and on the really loose ones it was bent inwards. Can this be remoulded via flame / heating? Or is this a really brittle plastic that I should leave alone?

    Thanks so much in advance for any help guys!

    Autobots, worth 10 pts each!
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    You should ask the guys at Transtopia. They are master customizers and they may be able to help you.
  3. Insane Galvatron

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    If you want a minty Blitzwing, buy the reissue. He's a bit pricey, but that's far easier than trying to fix an old one.
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    Abbotsford, BC
    If you want to replace the stickers, Reprolabels has a set for him.

    I just checked their site and the set is only $5. Maybe a better way to go than to use the set from the ehobby one you have.

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