Is there a street date for the new Generations/RTS/PCC toys?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Sepultron, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Evidently there have been more than a few sightings of Kup, Scourge, and the newest Deluxe RTS toys at Targets around the country (not at mine, of course), but other than that I'm not aware of a single reported US retail sighting for:

    RTS Grappel
    RTS Lugnut
    RTS Windcharger
    PCC Skyhammer (is that the correct name?)
    PCC Heavy Tread

    Just wondering if there is an official street date for these items that I missed. Seems like all of these toys were spotted in Canada and/or overseas quite some time ago.
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    those are all out here, but, the deluxes aren't, so i guess it's a trade off
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    Nope. No street dates in the US for Transformers aside from rare exceptions like a major movie line launch. There are multiple factors that hold things back from the shelves. One is old stock - The stores' distribution centers don't get more stock until they deplete what they have to a certain level. In turn, stores simply will not receive more stock from the regional distribution center for their chain until they sell enough of what they have. And because of the big stock-ups for Christmas, a serious slump in the early year after is absolutely normal. Likewise, the stores that do receive the new stock from the distribution center will not place it out until there is room on the pegs/shelves according to their restocking standards.

    The other thing that can hold them back is aisle layouts. At Target for instance, with rare exceptions, product simply does not go out if there isn't a specific designated shelf area to hold it on the plans. if the next set of plans adds a space for that item, the item will be held in the back until the aisles are set to match the new plans.

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