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    Jan 1, 2012
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    Ironhide bought a FE Prime from me, he was great to deal with and very reasonable regarding the shipping rates from Canada to Ireland, communication was prompt and to the point. 100% smooth transaction, would sell to him again no problem.
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    Apr 16, 2013
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    Sold him 4 items.
    This was an INT'L transaction. Agreed upon terms of payment were "as paypal gift w/ a net amount to me". Buyer's first attempt at payment came over less the fees. I put buyer on alert, and swiftly refunded that payment. Unfortunately, lost 2-3 days in receiving 2nd payment bcuz buyer was using pre-paid card and we had to wait for that card to be refunded. Would have been instantaneous had he been using his paypal balance/linked bank account.

    Buyer noted that one of the items arrived w/ beat up box. Photos of all items were emailed to buyer before packaging, as well as detailed photos of how the items were packaged. All items were MINT. Sorry one of the items box was damaged in shipping across the Atlantic, but I made no guarantees re: packaging condition other than that they would be sealed & well packed.

    Buyer did seem like a good guy through-out the transaction and would do business with him again.

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