Invincible 60 - The Invincible WAR!!! (spoilers will happen)

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    +366 entire event in one big issue. really really done nicely, though i honestly kinda wish it had taken longer, though most of the extra pages or issues woulda just been violence (not that i'm against that) but the story definitely shot through, and worked well...

    so, angstrom levy survived (barely and was fixed by some creepy dudes) and started to gather evil invincibles from other dimensions, and promised to help expand their empires into other dimensions, but they had to help him destroy invincible. so, destruction, and tons of it comes raining down...some invincibles lose, some don't...atom eve gets messed up pretty bad (wish they had shown more of that fight) invincible tells off cecil, and stays by her bedside, but then goes to nail angstrom (who turned on the 8 surviving evil invincibles, and drops them in the deserted dimension) angstrom starts to teleport, and falls into his green hole, and invincible tries to go after him, but angstrom cuts the port short, and loses an arm in the process...and falls back to the dudes who fixed him up. kinda DR satan looking dudes from house of 1000 corpses...but apparently they are now his boss, not the other way around. and the world is TRASHED!

    overall, damn fun book, but i think i woulda rather seen this as 3 issues or something, or even one giant 10 buck issue with like 100 pages (its 30 as is) but still, definitely fun, and like crossovers before, plenty of crazyness abound and stuff that seems like it will totally change the status quo of invincible for awhile...

    also, tons of cameo's from the image universe.

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