Intuos 4 Startup Driver issue

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Treadshot A1, Feb 18, 2012.

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    Hey guys, just nabbed myself an Intuos 4 Small (yes i regret not getting a wireless one), and i'm having a few issues with it. If i have it plugged into the USB port in my laptop, and then i shut down said laptop, it doesn't work again on startup. I tried then unplgging it, and re-plugging it in, but that doesn't help either. The computer shows a message saying "Tablet driver is not running".

    The only way i can get it to work is to remove the Intuos before shutting down, and then wait at least a few minutes after booting the laptop before plugging it in.

    Is this normal? I'm running Windows 7 and i updated all the stuff i could find for the laptop (BIOS, Display driver, i was fixing my other laptop and updated this one as well on a "while i'm at it, why not?" basis). Any ideas?

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