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    Earth Year 2011.
    Autobot Scientist Perceptor Log Breem009.

    When one looks up at the endless points of lights, there is Science to tell us that they are stars. Massive spheres of unimaginable heat and radiation. This is know to both Cybertronian and Earth science.

    Human science attempts to make sense of what seems to be certain alignments, patterns if you will, in the unending sky above us all.

    In truth, I believe that there is something greater at play than what either Science or human imagination comprehends. Something that I now fear, if my findings are correct, endangers us all.

    We DO see the stars. We CAN see the patterns. Yet there is an underlying cohesiveness to the patterns that has been uttered before by the ancient disciples of Boltax.

    We Transformers thought that the Underbase had been destroyed all those years ago. In truth, what we encountered was the the merest fraction of that ancient power.

    The Underbase is ... the unending sea of stars that encompasses this reality. The Underbase is all around us. It runs through us all. Through all of creation.

    THAT is what Unicron so desparately tried to destroy before. He thought that he had consumed every last piece of the Underbase. But some small Spark escaped his all-consuming hunger and began to rebuild itself.

    Unicron is long destroyed. Yet for every Yin, there must be a Yang, as the humans put it. The Underbase thrives, grows, dies, and is reborn again and again. A never ending symphony of power and light.

    If Unicron could not succeed in extinguishing the Underbase of this reality, what will be let loose to try again?

    What force would be so devoid of life, so horribly hungry, so evil, that would make Unicron a pale shadow in the wake of IT?

    I fear for the future.

    Perceptor ... Close Log.

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