Interesting Happening in the Heartland

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Squawktalk, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Well, today, i went to a local-ish comic store(In Omaha,NE) to buy RiD Prowl. I noticed something I hadn't seen before. They had a MIB JRX. The Japanese Car robots Rail Racer Giftset. I thought "wow." I got it instead of Prowl, for only 25 dollars. Awesome. Then on the way out, I noticed another car leaving, namely a Jeep Wrangler. On the back was an autobot symbol. Awesome again, then I saw the license plate. HOUND 5. Again, Awesome! Three Aswesomes in a half-hour. Awesome.

    Also, I want to know if anybody recognizes the Jeep I mentioned, Well?
    Anybody know the Jeep Wrangler from Nebraska with HOUND 5 for a license plate? I'd like to compliment the driver for the choice of license plate.

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