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    Hi guys,

    got a few extras to trade, PM or email me if interested in anything. Will sell or trade for stuff needed.




    Inferno worn in some spots and a tear or two on the seams
    Metroplex okay shape, bilingual with french, one tear on the folded interior area but could be easily with tape,
    Overdrive very nice shape
    Roadbuster very nice (looks to be folded wrong)
    Shrapnel good shape
    Ultra Magnus good shape with one tear in step three
    Wreck-Gar good shape, some small creases on the side

    TEC SPECS: All of these are G1:

    Air Strike Patrol #1 good cut all around, very very nice

    Air Strike Patrol #2 close cut on the top , overall good card

    Barrage nice card except picture is torn in top left hand corner, can't read Decepticon, only see con otherwise great

    Battle Patrol good cut all around, some spider creases

    Beast Box decent cut (little close on the bottom)some spider creases and the little indentation from the other side shows through

    Blurr whole back of box, excellent all around, some tape from box is still on the top left where it says autobot

    Brainstorm cut close to on the bottom, dots around the three other sides no bends or creases

    Broadside whole back of box, big tear from the bottom to the top and chunk missing

    Bugly cut close by picture and on top, 3-4 pieces of tape through the strength and intelligence part (still clear tape, no yellowing or rips, don't ask me why they put the tape there)

    Buzzsaw #1 very very nice, can see dots around 90% of the card no creases or stains

    Buzzsaw #2 good cut all around,

    Eject Good cut, dots 3/4 the way around, no creases or bends, just a very small pin hole at the top half way between name and the strength listing

    Flywheels close cut on the top above the spec, and a piece that has been torn off that is v shaped on the top right hand corner

    Frenzy #1 good cut, some spider creases on the left hand side where character pic is otherwise great

    Frenzy #2 bad cut along the bottom in a couple of spots, tape residue along the top between name and decepticon

    Grimlock cut close all the way around, bad cut on the bottom right, missing 1/2 of the first box on the bottom, some corner dings, spider creases

    Groove #1 very nice, dots all around, no bends or spider creases

    Icepick good cut, some spider creases

    Kup whole back half of box, excellent all around except one small tear that goes into his picture on his gun (could be taped on back and not noticed)

    Laserbeak #1 good cut all around, one small spot with spider creases otherwise mint

    Laserbeak #2 close cut along the top, would be perfect except the previous owner changed his readings on the spec and connected them with an ink pen

    Longhaul cut a little close, some warpage, and again new line drawn for his tec spec in ink pen

    Off Road Patrol #1 FULL Cardback, creased in half horizontally (not through the tec spec), crease diagonally across the picture of the team, spider creases

    Off Road Patrol #2 dots all around (even has robot points still attached), one bad crease going from top to bottom at the cooperation point of the spec,

    Off Road Patrol #3 dots all around very very nice

    Overkill good cut (little close in a spot or two but nothing major) some spider creases

    Powerglide excellent card, dots all around, no creases

    Punch-Counter Punch cut a little close on the top right half, one tear about 3/4 inch long through the nt of counterpunch (still has robot points attached) some spider creases

    Quake dots all around, some spider creases, one very small crease lower right hand corner (looks like it was dropped on the corner when it still had a toy attached)

    Race Car Patrol good cuts all around, very very nice

    Ramhorn good cut, dots around most of it, one small pin hole top middle

    Ravage #1 good cut, overall nice

    Ravage #2 good cut, a crease in the middle (not noticable from the front)

    Ravage #3 good cut all around, no creases, but does have a few stain drops on the bio part (looks like someones burger squirted juice in a few spots)

    Rescue Patrol good cuts, some spider creases and a smudge from top to bottom where all the spec categories are listed

    Rumble #1 excellent card, dots all around only problem is a stain spot on the very top right above the ble in rumble

    Rumble #2 good card, cut a little close on the bottom in a spot or two, crease in the middle,

    Rumble #3 good card, good cut, no creases, stains

    Scoop #1 good cut all around, a little thin due to some of the cardback being torn off when they took off the bubble, some spider creases

    Scoop #2 very bad, bad cut on the bottom where it cuts into the spec area, rip on the top, $free with order

    Sideswipe #1 dots around 90% of card, has been folded in half so there is some light creases

    Sideswipe #2 cut close all around, creases, drew over existing tec line in pen $free with order

    Sky Lynx dots all around (even has robot points attached), one small spider crease, otherwise perfect

    Slugfest good cut all around, some spider creases

    Soundwave good cut, but has a rip from the top left corner diagonally through the first word of his motto

    Sports Car Patrol good cut all around, small spider creases

    Squaktalk close cut on the bottom, small tear on top left corner (doesn't touch the decepticon wording)

    Sunstreaker cut close all around, creases (bent into thirds)

    Sureshot has english and french languages, good cut

    Topspin dots all around, one crease by picture

    Trypticon whole back of box, folded in half, ripped through his description, creases on picture

    Windcharger dots all around, very nice card

    Wreck-gar whole back of box, creases on the bottom left side where pic is

    G2 Terradive FULL CARD
    G2 Turbofire FULL CARD
    G2 Windrazor FULL CARD
    G2 Spark Instructions very nice shape
    G2 Colossus Instructions very nice shape
    G2 Air Raid Insturctions very nice

    Machine wars Soundwave tec spec

    TF Parts Extra:
    Blast Off hand gun (ionic blaster)
    Bomburst battle ax
    Grimlock pretender shell, both pieces, from a smoker, one spot of paint on his hair rubbed, missing autobot insignia other decals appear to be present
    Ground shaker micro-master: gun
    Gun Runner black gun
    Hoist have right fist and one orange wing
    Hook hand gun
    Mixmaster hand gun, dual missile thing
    Optimus PrimePowermaster Particle Beam Cannon x 2, Laser rifle x 2, HI-Q
    Prowl gun (end broken off)
    Ravage Missile Pod (some chrome wear)
    Rumble right gun
    Scavenger hand gun x 2
    Scoop (target master) no accessories, missing some stickers
    Soundwave missile launcher, missile x 3 (one still on tree)
    Starscream right fist
    Swindle G2 just toy no accessories
    Wreck-Gar gun


    Air Patrol need Blaze Master (yellow helicopter)
    Axer need cycle sidecar, cannon and two missiles
    Broadside need ax
    Camshaft need missile
    Construction patrol need Crumble (crane)
    Cyclonus gun
    Finback Pretender need outer shell (both halves) and belt
    Grease Pit micro base need sign to ‘gas station’
    Grimlock need sword
    Grimlock G2 need turquoise version with sword
    Hot House need ramp
    Jazz pretender need helmet and laser gun
    Kick Off Action master need orange hand gun
    Main Frame need blue handgun??
    Military Patrol need Tracer
    Missile Launcher (micro transport) need one yellow ramp
    Optimus Prime Action master need one large orange laser gun
    Prowl action master need cycle Shield/Gas Tank Cover, Right Engine Intake, small cannon and two missiles
    Rad (action master) need main figure and gun (have action toy)
    Rescue Patrol need Red Hot (fire engine)
    Reflector need three missiles
    Roadbuster need missile x 5, antenna, and all stickers
    Rollout action master need figure, handgun PENDING
    Scorponok need Fasttrack's guns, Antenna 1, 2, 3, 4
    Seacons need black bases, stands and middle parts x 3 for all
    Shockwave action master need handgun
    Slag need sword
    Snarl need sword
    Soundwave action master need gun
    Skyhigh pretender need helmet, gun, belt and rotor to copter
    Starscream need two long missiles two short missiles
    Thundercracker need 2 horizontal wings
    Tracer micro master black helicopter from military patrol
    Wingspan (clone) need left wing


    Jeep blue autobot

    Jeep yellow decepticon

    Dunebuggy blue autobot
    Dunebuggy blue decepticon

    FX-7 yellow autobot or decepticon

    EXTRA MINI SPIES FOR TRADE FOR ONES I NEED both in excellent shape

    Dunebuggy yellow autobot

    Jeep white decepticon

    G2 needs

    Grimlock turquoise

    Need a lot of tec specs like:
    Rough stuff
    and more give me list if they are in good shape!

    Decoys needed:

    20 Mirage
    #21 Hoist
    #25 Windcharger
    #39 Kickback purple PENDING
    #50 Frenzy
    #53 Laserbeak PENDING
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    can you tell me the price for each one of these items individually?

    also, how much would you charge for this all as a lot? any discounts for buying as a lot? PM me to let me know.

    Starscream right fist
    Sinner twin flame cannon (the one that fits on his back)
    Ripper Snapper cyclone gun (double barrel one)
    Optimus PrimePowermaster Particle Beam Cannon x 2, Laser rifle x 2, HI-Q
    Hook hand gun
    Mixmaster hand gun, dual missile thing
    Scavenger hand gun x 1
    Dunebuggy yellow autobot
    Jeep white decepticon
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