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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by twiztidRodimus, Apr 10, 2012.

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    I seen a thread where someone asked for donated reprolabels, and I thought about it, I have a crap load of instructions, and I really don't need them. I figured I could help out some of my fellow transformers collectors, by giving these away for free.

    You can request up to three of these for free to give others the chance to get a few. Send requests, and I will send them on Friday 4/13/2012

    RTS Jazz
    RTS g2 Prime
    rts perceptor
    gen thundercracker
    gen wheeljack
    gen scourge
    tftm arcee
    tftm dreadwing
    tftm wreckage
    dotm ironhide
    wfc megatron
    wfc soundwave
    bis rodimus
    gen skullgrin
    rotf mudflap
    cybertron brakedown
    animated rodimus
    wfc cliffjumper
    gen blurr
    beast wars magnaboss
    alternators sideswipe
    rotf sidearm sideswipe
    rotf sideswipe
    classics sunstreaker
    universe inferno (tru)
    gen warpath
    rotf jolt
    wfc bumblebee
    desert brawl
    Gen junkheap
    RTS Wreck gar
    gen thunderwing

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