Inside - Outside Bodyart on german Fan Convention C.O.N.S. 2010

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    Also this year be present again Michael and Kerstin of Inside - Outside Bodyart. On the C.O.N.S. 2010 Michael with his exclusive pieces of jewellery is in the Transformers style completely in front. Since he has specially sketched for us a ring, on that of the C.O.N.S. Stroke is to be read. Kerstin has sharpened her needles and becomes exclusive on the C.O.N.S. Transformers motives under the skin bring.
    Here we already have a small foretaste on the jewellery which was already present the last year and also on the new creation.
    C.O.N.S. Die deutsche Transformers Fan Convention - Inside - Outside - auch dieses Jahr wieder mit dabei!

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