Incorporating Not-Rumble into the Masterpiece world

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    I loves me my Masterpiece TFs and I'm quickly getting sucked into the world of third party products. I've even started on my frenzy_rumble inspired Soundwave kitbash (photos up in a bit - for a first time project, it's going surprisingly well)

    Onto my point - I wanted to work the Perfect Effect tape twins into the MP world in their alt modes. I tried molding a handle for Megatron to wield them but my molding skills are not great and his hands rely on plugs and sockets to hold them on...

    I decided to make Soundwave's shoulder socket suitable for holding the twins using their supplied handle but I haven't got that far yet...

    then I stumbled on this concept - using them as alternative arm cannons for the Seekers. I tried a couple of shots with the supplied handle but as you can see, it sticks out way more than is cool. I may have to cut it down quite a lot so the new cannon sits snugly on the arm. the diameter is quite a good fit, as is, so that's a boost.

    Any thoughts?
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    This is a thread better suited for Creative General Discussion, so off we go!

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