in idw optimus was a cop before the war?

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    let me know what you think of this idea

    when it comes to the idw comics the curent storyline has revelaed that before the war optimus wasa good copin his younger years baround the time just before theevents of megatron origin took place.

    how would it go over with the fanbase if idw were to explore a a else worlds storyline that was set in a g1 continuity modeled after the idw series.

    one in which optimus prime, ultra magnus and megatron knew one another in the time leading up to the great wars due to their haveing lived, fought, worked and trained alongside one another as peace officers throughout the earliest years of their livese.

    when it comes to my idea story wise i could actually see megatron, dion, and orion being brothers in the literal family sense with megatron being the one who first comes tyo notice and understand the whole corruption matter.

    in their attempt to alert the higher authorities to the matter megatron, dion and orion would find themselves becoming the victims of a high scale political hitjob with dion and orion being the 2 left in critical condition while recovering from the hit job done on them.

    with megatron suffering from survivors guilt and festering in his greif, anger, rage,and hate and deciding that he would direct his wrath at the criminal element in general and especially at those responsible for having put his brothers in their near death state with the whole event leading megatron down the path of the whole punisher.

    damn that would be awesome especially if megatron gained a sixshot style body throughout the storyline.

    you know come to think of it that could quite possibly be the perfect body for megatron to have for the story with it being an in progress like approach in his eventually building his body up into being a sixshot like body over time

    eventually optimus prime and ultra magnus would make a full recovery in time though each would require a full body overhaul upgrade so as to protect their true identites over time. by the time megatron meets up with the two again has has become set in his ways asa punisher though he still manages to hold on to some lingering degree of his sense of humanity where his two brothers are concerned in his life. in their way they would pretty much represent megatrons conciounce in their way with the 3 slowly managing to put their lives back together over time as family

    only to have a case happen over time that would effect them in such a way that the event would change them in such a way that it basicly had the 3 parting ways with one another under a rather violent set of circumstances

    with megatron's life going in such a direction that he has lost all faith in the justice system as a former peace officer turned vigilante that he himself literally takes the good fight to the streets dishing out his own brand of justice as a rogue cybertronian who has fully commited himself to his life role asa punisher

    with optimus going in such a direction in life that he his idealism and moral political and social beliefs lead him to become the next prime ala captain america

    with ultra magnus being the one cought in the middle as he attempts to counterbalance optimus primes enthusiasm limited viewpoint and ideals with megatrons unconventional and in some part unacceptable methods of fighting the good fight for justice.

    when it comes to his eventually being able to look beyond, how shall i say this, optimus's inability to properly see the entire true greater picture

    basicly people magnus would be the desk sargent stuck between the good cop optimus and the good bad cop megatron who enjoys beating the criminals up just a bit too much and magnus being the one attempting to keep the peace between the 3 of them and find some rational and acceptable balance between optimus and megatrons methods views , beliefs and ideals with his eventually going on to inheirit the role of prime from optimus due to optimus stepping down in the belief that magnus is truly the more suitable candidate for being the current prime.

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