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    This is a little drawing I drew while in my philosophy class. It's of my philosophy teacher Dr V. Ok, I know this isn't my usual Transformers fan art, but when I was in class (where I do most of my art!), my philosophy teacher (Dr V) just struck this pose, and I HAD to draw it. It ended up Chibi style tho, but I thought it looked really good.

    The reason he's "yelling" and seeming angry is because whenever he teaches, he really gets into the material, and he starts to raise his voice, and slap the board.

    The white key-hole-like people are anonymous students in his class(I could be one of them!). I had one of them crying, because some of us don't understand at all what he's teaching.

    The whiteboard shows exactly what he wrote down during that class. If you can't follow that train of thought thats of the board, or just can't read it, it's Freud's idea of how the conscious and unconscious mind work, with the whole repression thing and such.

    Also, the reason there are lines going across the page is because I drew this on the back of the lined paper used for my notes.

    So here we are:

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