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    Greetings, fellow Radicons!

    Recently, many of you who venture outside of Radicons have noticed several of the same message remind us of the forum rules. There have been a number of issues come up where people are stating "I didn't know that was against the rules" or something similar to that extent, even to the point of being argumentative against the Staff and the policies/methods.

    Just so everyone knows, any such excuse doesn't work with us; persons still have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

    Carefully weigh the following before you post:

    In addition to the board rules, we also have a set standard that everyone who chooses to post here must abide by. These are our Radicons FAQ (which outlines most of anything you'd every want to know about Radicons and then some) and especially our Radicons Guidelines and Etiquette (a standard that Radicons are held to for specific artistic reasons, since the Radicons mini-site operates just a bit differently than [though in conjunction with] the board) Each of those can be found here:

    Also, just so you know, when you're in Radicons, you should see this toolbar, and all you have to do is click "Radicons Info" to see the following:


    Things such as the image attachments, why we require them, how to do them, and so forth are found above. READ FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER. The Radicons Staff love helping people, but help yourself first. Know that every time a Radicons Staffer has to continually reiterate the widely available procedures, it takes time away from other things we could be doing for this site or for ourselves (we like to make artwork and look at artwork too, ya know!)

    It takes each Radicon not only adhering to everything presented here, but modeling it well for others. We do value quality of artwork here highly, but we value quality of persons here higher. We highlight artists each month who shine in both of these areas.

    Also, artists (customs and fan art alike), perhaps not a newsflash, but just a reminder: we're not simply a forum anymore! We haven't been for some time now! We have a board quick jump from the index at, but know that Radicons is its own place simply operating from the same server. Each thread enables one to tag it to a particular area.

    Also, take advantage of our blogs and our Radicons Discussion forum (read: NOT "section"; forum). Fan Artists especially, we have project forums for the artwork the author of the post shares. Any other discussion goes in the Radicons Discussion, even if it's artwork from another friend you're wanting to share. We also have a place now for commissioning and requests. USE THESE FORUMS. They're here for you!

    NOTE: If you have a problem with someone and/or their post, DO NOT RETALIATE. You have some options that are better. First, use the "report bad post" feature located in the user's plane in their post. It's a triangle icon with an "!" in it. Click it, and simply follow the instructions. If you're continually having issues with a certain person, you can always use "ignore" feature. This disables your viewing of that person's posts. Consider: if you retaliate with someone, you now become just as guilty as that person you decide to rumble with. Now you've just created more work for the staff who already volunteers their time and effort for this place. BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS. :) 

    Feel free to contact any member of the Radicons Staff regarding these issues or any others. We want Radicons to be the best of places for Transformers and the artwork they continue to inspire!

    Show us you passed 4th grade and demonstrate some reading skills. Doing the same for posting where we can see you can write on the same level would be a plus as well. Enjoy your time here, where everyone knows the party is.

    Thanks, gang!

    Utmost Love,
    The Radicons Staff
    (in conjunction with the TFW2005 Administration)

    P.S. Don't let ol' supersquads catch ya. :lol 

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