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Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by flywheels, Oct 12, 2008.

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    Spent the last couple of days getting 100+ items up on eBay from downsizing my video game collection and I decided to bundle my Dreamcast boot disc, DC-X, w/ my import copy of Marvel vs. Capcom. I was careful in my words when describing everything, but they still yanked it.

    They also yanked my N64 adapter, but not my Playstation Action Replay. What gives w/ eBay these days? I bought the majority of my import adapters on eBay. DC-X I bought brand new from GameStop back when I was in college. One just sold on Oct. 4th as a matter of fact (for $100) on eBay. eBay says these devices that allow you to cheat or play import games are illegal by law. If they were illegal why can you go to your local retail store and buy them?

    Argh! So frustrated. Guess I'll try to sell those adapters on the boards here or on a game site. Any suggestions?
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    I don't want to cross the politics rule, but it is indeed illegal to import Batman comics if your country has either handed Marvel a monopoly or DC chooses to ignore your market. It happens with DVDs all the time and its gone so far as to target the secondary markets as you're finding out now. How there can be even imagined demand for entirely digital anything in such an overtly hostile marketplace is beyond me.

    Appreciate your local Gamestop for making choices available to you but expect that to change if enough idiotic lawyers decide to fire their DMCA C&D shotguns in their direction as has been happening with eBay for years now.
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    Yeah, ebay's gotten pretty anal about import playing devices. Tried to sell my old Saturn and all the stuff with it a little while back. It has an Action Replay that allows import playing since it came with a couple of imports. I didn't know about ebay's policies at the time. Figured it was okay anyhow since it was a long dead system and the imports were legit japanese games and not bootlegs. But my listing got pulled, same as yours.

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