Customs: I'm drawing Wheeljack myself, Need ideas

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Lazerwave, Feb 13, 2009.

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    I know it's just a rumor about Wheeljack being in the movie as a SAAB, but there has not been any news about it. Even if we don't know until the movie comes out I have decided to print out a picture of a SAAB and behind it I'll draw a movie edition of Wheeljack. Now thinking of a movie Autobot is not easy, I need ideas. So if you have any ideas of what features Wheeljack should have like what his face should look like or what weapon he should carry, I'm thinking about the removable doors from the roof to transform into shields on his wast or armor for his shoulders, please post what you like (Please no descriptions that relate to the G1 Wheeljack, I mean some of the Transformers in the movie don't look anything like the G1 characters.) The first 20 post I will combined them and start drawing.
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    I might do that for prowl. anyway, give him that werd head he usually has or similar, and dont give him windows on his arms

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