Customs: I'M BACK!! and i've got some mighty fine customs on the way ;)

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by SG hailstorm, Oct 10, 2012.

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    well, i thought it would have taken longer but i guess not XD

    College isn't so frustrating or stressful now, i have a steady job doing lawn work/care for my neighbor, and to boot? I've come up with some REALLY great customs! plus a close friend as a thoughtful gift gave me a MOC FOC shockwave! (i cant thank you enough bro!)

    Here's what i've got in the works:

    TFP skybyte from first edition/PRID starscream (whichever i feel like sacrificing first XD)

    TFP evac from PRID wheeljack with a new head and guns instead of swords

    DOTM wrecker hubcap from nitro bumblebee who'll be a slight repaint and slight remold of his head

    shattered glass combat villian optimus prime from RTS prime with wheeljacks swords as well as primes plus a pistol

    Here are projects im about to finish before i start the ones listed above:

    Kre-O garrus maximus playset

    last stand of the wrecKREONS plus a microchanger overlord

    a special project to go with my G2 bruticus set when it arrives next month.

    all in all this is gonna be a great end of 2012 for me =)

    P.S thank you to all who wished me well when i left!

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