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    Really...18...adult content down the line. Not in the first book so much, but the violence gets really graphic by Issue 4. I have it flagged for adult content now, because it seems better to be consistent.


    Maelstrom 1 is online at last. This is old people...I drew Issue 1 back in the late 90's. Gave out my first issues at the MIB Botcon in Chicago in '96. The art is iffy at best. I did it on comic book backer boards...I had more enthusiasm than experience or cash. I'm fairly certain the black markers I used said Crayola. But, I won 2 categories in the art contest if that means anything.

    There are 9 full comics in all, and then I can start posting the text files which are ongoing.


    Comments, crits, and flames welcomed!

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