If disaster struck and you had to get rid of most of your collection...

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by unicronsupreme, May 3, 2008.

  1. unicronsupreme

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    Feb 29, 2008
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    what would you keep? You only have space to save 2 small figures (voyager and smaller) or one big figure (ultra and larger) from each series that you own part of. What would you keep? You obviously can't choose any figures that you don't own. If you want to offer rational for your choices that would make things more interesting.

    I'd pick

    G1: I think the only intact G1 stuff I have are action masters devastator and Snarl, so that's what I'd take.

    G2: Smurflock and bumblebee. It's hard to beat the awesomeness that is the original BB mold and Grimlock is just a great toy. Laser Prime would come very close to nudging them both out.

    BW: This is really hard because I own a lot of these and I like a LOT of them. I guess I would probably choose TM megatron and Depthcharge. Both are very quality toys and characters. That's also probably the best Megatron mold that I own. TM2 Dinobot gets an honorable mention.

    BM: This is a bit easier since I don't own very many of these. I'd take deluxe jetstorm and battle unicorn. I love Jetstorm's jet mode, even though it's he's not that show accurate overall. BU is very BA, 'nuff said.

    RID: The only official mold from this one that I own is Galvatrion, so I'd take him. I do own that flying squirrel that was repainted for this, so if that would be kosher then I would take that too.

    Armada: I only own deluxe prime so that's what I would take.

    Energon: If the movie repaints of the omnicons could be considered part of energon then I would take air raid and signal flare. Otherwise I would take landmine and shockblast. (I dunno what scale these were, but if I had to pick only one I would take shockblast)

    Cybertron: Galaxy Force Prime, since the only other Cybertron figure I own is hightail.

    Classics: The molds in this set are so crazy awesome that it would be really hard for me to pick, but I would probably take Voyager Prime and Starscream.

    Alternators: I'd take the only two I have, Smokescreen and Sunstreaker.

    Masterpiece: Prime all the way. SS is nice, but doesn't touch Prime.

    Titanium: I don't own any, unfortunately.

    SWTF: Tie advanced vader (best SWTF yet) and Cody/tank

    movie 07: I own all of the molds from this line so it's pretty tricky to pick just two. I'd have to go with Dropkick and Landmine, though voyager prime could almost edge either of them out and leader prime could just about knock out all three of the others.

    Animated: These molds are pure love to any transfan, and they're all pretty great, but I'd have to take Cybertron mode prime and Prowl. Bumblebee would be a very very close third.

    Universe: assuming that I owned all of the stuff that we've seen announced so far, I would keep Prowl and Cyclonus if he was an original mold, or Powerglide if he wasn't.

    Hopefully after all that, there would still be room for Voltron and Marvel legends Black Knight.

    I hope everyone takes a few minutes to fill this out. I know that there's sometimes a general consensus about which figures from certain lines are the best, but I think personal taste often points in a different direction. I'd like to see if people constantly pick the much tauted 08 BB and TFA prowl, or if other personal favorites tend to get picked more often.
  2. Deviant Anomaly

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    Oct 22, 2007
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    Cybertron: Excellion. He's the only one I own from this line, so lucky for him. LOL

    Classics: BB and Mirage. I bought these two specifically because I liked their looks. They are my only Classics so far.

    movie 07: '09 Camaro BB and Jazz. They're the stars of my comic and I've taken them many places by now. So its purely a sentimental choice. It would be hard to part with Barricade and Leader OP.

    Animated: BB and Cybertron Prime. My first two figures, so again its a sentimental choice. I'd try to hang onto Earth Prime and Grimlock as long as I could though. Maybe they'd conveniently get lost or I'd give them to my sister so they're still around. :D 
  3. shroobmaster

    shroobmaster Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2007
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    Ruination and all my "fake classics" (customized figures, like Outback/Strongarm or Gears/Dirt Boss)
  4. MegaPrime33

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    Feb 13, 2003
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    I would keep my one very large bin of G1 figures.
  5. SharkyMcShark

    SharkyMcShark Hi. I'm better than you

    Dec 11, 2006
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    G1: Have one. Lucky vortex.

    G2: Space Case and Hooligan. My two favourite from G2.

    Beast Wars: TM Tarantulas and Snarl. Tarantulas because he's a good figure, and Snarl because not only is he good but he's a durable little figure (still perfect condition)

    Beast Machines: Jetstorm and Tankor

    RiD: Ultra Magnus. Hawt.

    Armada: Nemesis Prime and Wheeljack. Both are the top of the deluxe size from this low point in transformers figures.

    Enegron: Starscream and... Treadshot? I can't really think of a bigger second and Treadshot was awesome.

    Cyberton: Nothing really stands out again.

    Classics: Mirage and Jetfire

    Universe: Skywarp and Sideswipe (OFTCC exclusive)

    Robot Masters: R Blade and X Gunner

    Movie: Oooohh a toughie... Barricade and... Dreadwing. I wanted to say Voyager Prime but Dreadwing is great.
  6. IronicHide

    IronicHide MEME GO HERE

    Feb 26, 2008
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    G1: '84 Prime and trailer. Natch.

    A/E/C, RiD, BW/M: Don't have none.

    Alt/BT: Hound and Dead End. Sexy.

    Classics: Mirage and Skywarp. Slickest mold and slickest paint job.

    Movie '07: Ironhide and Blackout. Just 'cause.
  7. shortround

    shortround Banned

    Feb 10, 2008
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    im keeping all of mine
  8. Johnator

    Johnator 'Til All Are Gone!

    Mar 17, 2007
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    G1: Definitely my Soundwave since he is the only one I have anymore.

    BW: Inferno because I like his character.

    RID: Definitely Scourge! That is a sweet mold.

    Energon: Downshift since he is my classic Wheeljack for now.

    Classics: The hardest category since it is my absolute favorite toyline. Starscream since that is the mold that even got me BACK into TFs!

    Alternators: Definitely Mirage since I don't have many alts. (working on it!)

    Masterpiece: WalMart Starscream since again only one I own.

    Titanium: WW Thundercracker. One of the few good mold of the line. I like Titaniums but most are floppy.

    SWTF: Don't have any

    Movie: Big Daddy since I own few of these figures as well.

    Animated: None really.

    Universe: Honestly I know his mold will be smaller than anticipated but I really want a new Galvatron toy so that would be my pick.
  9. Chosen

    Chosen Space Ninja

    Jul 31, 2004
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    Between having such a small collection these days spanning multiple lines, I wouldn't be leaving myself with very few figures "lost" in this hypothetical disaster.

    G1: AM Shockwave and reissue Soundwave (unless you count him as Classics) are it, so pretty easy. Doesn't include my WSTFs, but they're not that important to me.

    BW: The toughest one, since I have more figures in this line, but also an easy choice. Scarem of course, no questions there, and Buzzclaw or maybe Injector.

    BM, RID: Drawing blanks here. Don't think I have any of either line left.

    Armada: Can definitely live with the fact that I don't any of them now.

    Universe: Repugnus and either Skywarp or Overbite.

    Energon: Offshoot and Shockblast. I love the Signal Flare mold, and Offshoot is the more appropriate color scheme, while Shockblast is a throwback to my very first TF - Shockwave, if you noticed my G1 list.

    Cybertron: Dinoshout and Repugnus. I only say Dinoshout instead of Undermine just because it'd be more difficult to replace DS.

    Classics/Henkei: Not gonna cheat and count them as separate lines, so... Ramjet and HK Astrotrain.

    Movie: Don't have more than two now anyway, so it's Barricade and Wreckage for me, easily.
  10. General Magnus

    General Magnus Da Custodes of the Emprah

    Mar 30, 2007
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    Beast Machines: Primal Prime

    Alternators: Silverstreak
  11. juise

    juise TFW2005 Token Negro

    Aug 31, 2007
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    Wauwatosa, WI
    G1: Jazz, and Soundwave
    MP: Prime (with the custom trailer)
    Alt/BT/KP: Jazz, and Smokescreen
    Classics/Henkei: Prime, and Starscream
    Armada: Unicron
    Energon: Unicron
    Cybertron: Starscream Supreme Class
  12. Predaking

    Predaking Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2002
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    Actually, because there's a high possibility that I may move back to Taiwan with my wife I may have to sell as much as 50% of my collection, maybe more, so I've been giving this a lot of thought lately. Right now these are what I would keep from each series:

    G1 - This is one line that I will try to keep as much as possible. Due to size I may have to sell Scorponok, Trypticon, and even Overlord but the rest I'll try to keep. I want to keep the book style reissues, hasbro and takara reissues, WST, and PVCs. I'll be selling 2 of my 3 Predakings (keeping the boxset reissue), keeping the Liokaiser boxset, all of the gestalts, all the MIB Dinobots (selling the loose extras and G2 Grimmy), and keeping at least 1 MISB Blitzwing. Definitely the line that'll cause me the most headache.

    BW - I love this line but I can see myself selling all of it. I love TM2 Megatron, Cryotek, and Rampage in particular but they just don't measure to my likes for G1, Classics, and even Animated. Since I love gestalts I may not sell Tripredacus and Magmatron though.

    BM - Sell

    RiD - Definitely keep Scourge as he's one of my favorite toy of all time. I may keep Ruination or its camo repaint. Beyond that I am not sure.

    Armada/Energon/Cyberton - only the ones I like the most will stay around. I may keep all of the Seekers, all of the Megatrons, all the Hot Rod/Rodimus, and some like Noisemaze that I like alot. Rest will have to go. Devastator and Bruticus will only stay if I got space left.

    Binaltech/Alternators - I really REALLY love this line and can't bear the thought of parting with them.

    Classics 1.0/2.0 - See above

    Masterpiece - Keep all of them. Like Classics and Alternators this is a line that I simply adore, even if they do take up a lot of space.

    Universe - I got Nemesis Prime and Razorclaw which I am reluctant to get rid of. Will have to come down to how much space I have left.

    Movie - Sell. As much as I like some of the designs they just don't appeal to me that much. May keep a couple though.

    Animated - Like Classics and Alternators this is one line that I love and don't intent on selling. This line is the unofficial Classics line IMO. I love all the toys so far and will collect them all.

    Titanium - May keep Rodimus and upcoming Grimlock. Sell the rest.

    SWTF - Sell.

    Robot Masters - Only keeping the Seekers.

    I will keep all the 25th G.I. Joe, some MSiA Gundam, only the SOTA street fighters for SF2 and Fei Long, Marvel Legends: only X-Men, Avengers, and BAF Sentinels & Giant Man, all of the Toyami Masterpieces, most if not all McFarlane sportspicks, and sell the rest that include all the model kits.

    Selling these will take a few months at least so I may quit my job at that point and do nothing but creating Ebay auctions and making errants to the post office. Then I'll find a storage for the rest of them before I move to Taiwan for good.
  13. Insane Galvatron

    Insane Galvatron is not insane. Really!

    Nov 26, 2002
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    I was in that situation. I need a new car and had no money. What did I do?

    Instead of selling all but two from each line, how about I sell everything from every line except G1? Oh, I did that already. Well, I kept my MPs and Alts. But everything else is gone.
  14. Mxprime

    Mxprime Banned

    Jan 4, 2006
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    If I had a choice, whatever the disaster take all of my toys and hope that plastic tastes good with a hint of coriander....

    probably not...plastic tastes nasty anyway here's my list:

    G1: All of it......cos all I have is the prowl reissue

    G2: My hero Optimus prime, mainly because all of my g2 figs are busted as I got them as an imaginative sound making four year old and they pretty much turned to crud, my hero optimus prime was one I got when I was 7 and has stayed in pretty much good condition and to my surprise I found out I have two....got no idea where that came from......

    BW: Optimus primal one of only three Beast wars toys but my favourites from the whole lot, he is just awesome especially with his artillery and mace.

    Armada: Smokescreen and Blur or Overload Ultra Magnus. I love smokescreen's transformation, Blurr's badassery and Ultra magnus because of his transformation sound and that guy is bulky and I'm sure as heck he can deal with it.

    Energon: Hot shot and inferno, I really like Hot shot's vehicle mode and Inferno feels like a classic to me, plus I made myself a G1 ironhide/ratchet combination mode from the both of em.

    Cybertron: Fcuk, this one is hard for me as I love a lot of them, if I had to go with a figure I would most likely go for Optimus, he's just one of the most badass primes ever and his faceplate....when it comes up the decpticons know they in deep slag.......also because I dubbed him star convoy

    Alternators: I would take swindle and Wheeljack, Swindle because he is just downright amazing both in robot and vehicle mode and wheeljack because I like his sword :B

    Classics: Oooooh another tough one, I would say I would keep Bumblebee and Skywarp, Bumblebee is just awesome with his smirk and the colours on skywarp is just eyecatching, I actuallly prefer him to starscream who just looks bland.

    Star wars: I only have one fig, grievous.....I rather just leave him....

    Masterpiece: All I have is Optimus Prime and no way in hell am I giving him up, because he is EPIC!!!!

    Revoltech: I would take Megatron because again he's the only one I have but its so fun to make him pose, especially when I go all gurren lagann on his ass.

    Animated: Deluxe cybertron Optimus Prime, the only one I have and the one I feel I have a strong connection to.
  15. slugslinger2004

    slugslinger2004 TFW2005 Supporter

    Nov 26, 2002
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    G1: This would be the toughest decision. I'd prob keep God Ginrai but Megatron, Starscream, Computron, Hosehead and Horri-bull are some of my favorites too.

    G2: Either my G2 Devastator or the Decepticon Laser rods

    Beast Wars: Rampage

    Beast Machines: cycle drone and tank drone

    RID: Omega Prime or Rail Racer, I think I could find Megatron and Ruination again pretty cheap

    Armada: Unicron

    Alts: Mirage; not sure who else I'd pick cuz they're all pretty good

    MP: Megatron

    Energon:Either Superion or bruticus

    Cybertron: Primus

    Titaniums: WW Prime and Megatron

    Classics: Bumblebee and Hot Rod

    WST: Grimlock and Slag b/c they're the only ones I own :) 

    I'd probably just sell off my Mega SCF's or any other pvc's and knock offs.
  16. Rumble02

    Rumble02 Radicon of Obliticons

    Sep 29, 2005
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    Saint/Sinner figure and you all know why
    cybertron metroplex and soundwave
    rid magnus
    g1 doubledealer
    beastwars magmatron and stampy
    movie incenerator and jazz
    armada unicron
    energon shockblast.
    and since its in the mail i also say animated blitzwing.
  17. Gingerchris

    Gingerchris Telly-headed Tyrant

    Feb 17, 2005
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    I'd have to make the choice between selling a few choice rare pieces I know would get excellent prices, or selling a larger quantity of more common pieces that would fetch less each but still add up in the end to however much cash I needed.
    Make a big dent my collection or just lose a handful of rarer pieces I may never be able to replace once I'm better off again?

    Hmm... I can't even decide between that just for the sake of this post.
  18. RHansen

    RHansen Sir. Ranbotnic Veteran

    Oct 7, 2004
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    nothing, it would all be gone with no looking back, in the end its just a collectible, and can be replaced.
  19. soundwave86

    soundwave86 Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 2008
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    Bw: Optimus primal, and my exclusives.

    Bm: None.

    Movie: Blackout and Stockade.
  20. Firecracker

    Firecracker Born in a wind tunnel

    Aug 19, 2004
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    Yay, I love making lists...

    As you'll see from my other choices articulation gets big points in my book!

    G1: Optimus Prime (Sentimental)
    G2: Firecracker
    BW: Iguanus - Such a wicked little figure!
    BM: Obsidian
    RID: Optimus Prime - Optimus and A fire truck. Win!
    Armada: Hoist
    Energon: Divebomb
    Cybertron: Armorhide - This little dude has so much personality.
    Classics: Mirage - Articulation!
    Alternators: Meister - I love the RX-8
    Masterpiece: Starscream
    Titanium: Rodimus
    SWTF: Commander Cody
    Movie 07: Landmine - Can handstand!
    Animated: Prowl - Ninja-bot
    Universe: Swerve - I just love this toy for some reason...

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