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Discussion in 'Comic Books and Graphic Novels' started by KAGE, Dec 6, 2008.

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    I thought about putting this in the General Discussion Forum but this is about comics so......


    I went to the IDW Parking Lot Sale today in San Diego. I expected the building to be alot bigger but it was still cool! On my way to the lot I tried to peek through the windows to see inside, I seen an office with an Animated Megatron (Cybertron Form) and a cool line art of Kup "AHM style".

    At the lot everything was for $1.00, I was there mostly for TransFormers but I had most of the books I wanted so I didnt really see anything there but the Influtration Cover Art Book I always wanted (and got for $1 :)  ). This sale would be good for someone who wanted to catch up on the single issues there werent too many TPBs. I seen a girl who cleaned up on the Angel comics she had about 30 of them LOL!

    Chris Mowry was there and also a copy of TransFormers: ROTF Alliance #1
    it was just a tease it wasent for sale :[ but it looks good :]

    As I was leaving with my ONE comic, I had an idea so I went back and asked If there were any comics I could buy for normal price, I dropped $50.00 on all the TPBs I was looking for, all but 1. Thats when I got to talk with Chris Mowry who also signed one of my books and gave me a "special something" Im not allowed to share with you guys :] (i seen one other person get it besides me but it was still a "no-no")

    We talked about a good 20-30min about his work and our thoughts on the various parts of the TransFormers universe. I finally got some of my questions answered first hand on what the hell is going on with AHM and Im not worried about it, seems everything is going to be taken care of for the most part. I asked as many questions as I could then we driffted off into talking about Mauy Thai and answered my questions about Reign of Starscream. He told me of some cool stories he wants to work on for future TransFormers Movie titles and they sound really cool!

    Im glad theres someone on the "inside" who sees TransFormers in the same light as I do, Now I dont feel so crazy! I said all I could, I dont want to get into too much detail without spilling the beans before he does.

    * I only took this pic, didnt want to come off as the paparazzi LOL!
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    Wish I could've been there, but I'm on the East Coast. Mowry seems like a really cool, down-to-Earth guy. His postings on the IDW forums really conveyed his enthusiasm and appreciation for being part of the TF comic universe. I have a lot of praise for him and his work and look forward to his Movie-verse books as well as the rumored Cosmos Spotlight.

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