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    The next few weeks will see a glutton of Transformers comics arriving in your local store, according to From the Tip, the blog of IDW's transformers Editor Denton Tipton.

    Only one Transformers title is scheduled to be released on Wendsday, March 18, and that title is...

    -Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel Defiance #3.

    This issue, the third in the "Defiance" arc of the "Revenge of the Fallen" movie prequel stories, continues to delve into the actions of the Autobots and Decepticons of the live action movie before the events of the 2007 blockbuster film, while at the same time setting the stage for events to unfold across movie screens June 24th. A five page preview of this issue can be found here.

    The following week, March 25th, will see two titles released:

    -All Hail Megatron #9
    -Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel Alliance #4

    All Hail Megatron, written by Shane McCarthy, continues the IDW Generation One story one year after the end of the "Revelation" and "Maximum Dinobots" arc. "Alliance" #4, meanwhile, concludes the "Alliance" arc of the "Revenge of the Fallen" movie prequel stories.

    Following this, Transfans can expect to see the following comics on the following dates in April:

    April 1

    Maximum Dinobots #4
    Spotlight: Jazz
    Best of UK: City of Fear #3

    April 8th

    -Spotlight: Drift
    -Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel Defiance #4
    -Animated The Arrival TPB

    April 15

    -All Hail Megatron #10
    -Maximum Dinobots #5
    -Armada Vol. 3 TPB

    April 22

    -Animated Series Vol. 8

    For more information, including upcoming release dates for Doctor Who and GI Joe comics, please check out Denton's Blog "From the Tip", by clicking here.
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    Are they hurrying through the rest of AHM, then? #8 only just came out... then it looks like another two within three weeks of one another.

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