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    I had a dream I was reading a Transformers comic/Mosaic featuring IDW Arcee and becoming more like her gentler G1 self.

    I saw a scene with her on Earth surrounded by other Autobots, dead and alive, as if she had been in a battle with them. She slices off the right arm of an Autobot (who looked like a cross between Seaspray and Beachcomber) trying to ambush her from behind.

    She then transforms into an arm (!) to replace the arm of the guy she dismembered. I don't remember her reason behind this but I think it would be a form of taking hostages. This scene also showed hints of her having a Formula 1 type race-car Earth mode.

    Everything else was a blur, but I remember a scene with her being held down while her consciousness was being forcibly downloaded into a computer (which I think was Teletraan-1). Years pass, and her time spent inside the computer had mellowed her out, most likely having nothing to do but think about what she has done since having been made into a fembot.

    So, the Autobots of that time decide to rebuild her into a new, less threatening appearance (more like G1 Arcee) and she takes a liking to a kid similar to Daniel, and her hostage and most of her victims are rebuilt as well.

    I thought I'd share this here while I still remembered it, cause it sounded like a pretty cool idea.

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