Customs: Ideas for Lengthening DotM Shockwave's cable?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by hthrun, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. hthrun

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    Mar 11, 2011
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    I don't know about you guys, but Shockwave's cable is just to short for me to get good poses in robot mode while leaving it attached. Even if I connect it behind his shoulder instead of down his back, it still limits his posability. Let's discuss how we can fix that. I have a couple ideas for starters...

    1) I just tried using Lego pieces similar to the ones I used for giving RotF leader Optimus Mech Tech adapters. I just cut them down to one hole and used blue pegs with one long side and one short side. I glued the short side into the hole on one side of the Lego piece, then pushed the end of Shockwave's cable in the hole on the other side.
    Sometimes the blue pegs seem to fit in the Mech Tech holes well, other times they don't. I may try some clear finger nail polish to improve the fits. Also, just one Lego piece on each end doesn't help it too much. It would be possible to add more pieces to each end, but they wouldn't bend. Since I'm not gluing the pieces to the cable or to each other, I might give that a try as well...

    2) Another idea I haven't tried would be to apply Matt Booker's Ravage tail tutorial to Shockwave's cable. Cut up the cable, drill a hole in each piece, and string them on a twist tie.
    The main thing with this is it would certainly require more pieces from another Shockwave cable. I didn't mind buying a second Ravage, but that was just a deluxe. I don't want to get another voyager toy just for one part.

    Does anyone have any other parts/ideas that could be used to extend the cable?
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    I've seen some USB booklights at the dollar tree with a 12 inch flexible "neck". Looks like the perfect diameter for the MechTech portr too. For a buck I'd definitely try it out.
  3. Yaujta

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    For mine, I used the small mechtech connector piece found in the forearm. I turned it around so that the flat end was facing away from the end of the hose, attached a shaped piece of strene to replicate the hose-lock connector in the CGI, and glued it to the rotating piece on the cannon. It added slightly over one segment's worth of length, but that really went far. No more posing issues.

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