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    so I`ve really wanted to get into customs for a while now, and then today I finally had an idea that I though was actually, pretty sweet, an Ultra Magnus custom, armor and all for dotm deluxe Optimus, as he is quite honestly probably my favorite movie optimus, he`s just so much fun.

    Anyway, I`ve done a bit of a mock up for what I had in mind before I start actually building anything, what do you think? Note, I'd start out the custom by painting up Prime as Magnus, as in all in white.

    As for the face, I'm not sure how I wanted to do it, the obvious root would be the whole G1 face, but it always bothered me that he wore a helmet with a mouth, when his actual face had a mouth plate, its just always bothered me. So I'm seriously considering going with the face plate, I know it would be different, but I think it would be cool.

    Also in terms of a trailer, I was planning on just storing the armor in the deluxe trailer that came with the movie trilogy edition of this mold, they're going for super cheap at a local toys r us.

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