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Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Discussion' started by OptionZero, Feb 18, 2012.

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    So this might be more appropriate for the Radicons section, but I'm sitting here looking at my FansProject G3 trailer (which not enough people have because they're sleeping on the sexiness) thinking how it's awesome that it can hold a CHUG car (or two, if crammed together) . . .

    . . . and then I look at my City Commander, lamenting that it can't carry cars. Yeah, I know this has been a complaint since CC's release, but why can't someone (FP? Radicons? new 3rd party?) create a car carrier trailer for the Classics/Henkei Voyager Prime/Magnus mold that has a similar "armor trailer"-compatible extension, much like how the G3 trailer has a flip-out extension to carry DIA/TFCon Powered Commander armor for Optimus?

    It wouldn't be totally faithful, since G1 Magnus had one trailer that turned into his armor, but what if the car carrier trailer flipped open into a base or battle station mode, with some compatibility with FP's own Protector armor, which has a turret-mode?

    I really loved Robots In Diguise/Car Robots Ultra Magnus for its ability to store the Car Brothers.

    How about it, FP? Double-decker car carrier trailer, mounts to Magnus in cab mode, flip out connector for the City Commander armor trailer, and then a base mode that can accept the Protector armor turret mode.

    Do it.
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    sounds cool if someone could do it, just not sure how cc would look attached to a carrier trailer.

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