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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Autobot Burnout, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Hey, everybody, I'd like to get some opinions as to how to carry out my plans for a custom TF Group; the "Decepticon Earth Recon Team", or the "D.E.R.T." for short. Basicaly, they're a team of Decepticons who are experts on reconasance and are the go-to-guys when an area on earth needs "hands-on" scouting, especialy since most Con's hate the earth SO much, that they don't want it stuck on them in the form of mud! In stark contrast, the members of my little group love the dirt, thus why they're the ones who are always the dirtiest.

    So far, this is my line-up of my custom team's members:

    -Mudflap (the leader, expert Mud Wrestler): He's a repainted Marvel X-Overs Wolverine with a modified head to make it less Canadian (admitedly, he kinda looks like he's got really big red glasses now). So far Mudflap is the only finished custom TF of this team aside from the fact I still need to get him some Decepticon logos, everybody else I list is still a concept and open for design alterations.

    -Foxhound (Bounty Hunter, expert marksman); I plan on using the Captain Hummerica Marvel X-Overs figure for this guy (although his retool into Punisher would work even better for my concept, the skulls look a little hard to remove for someone with as low skill in this field as I do), and along with replacing the head, I will swap the shield out for twin chainguns that mount on the robot arms and on the back of the Humvee. He'll be done up like a Spec. Ops Humvee, since he's meant to be a Metal Gear homage (his name, hopefully the head, and most of his markings).

    -Warhead (Weaponsmaster and Decepticon Weaponsmith); For this guy, I want to use that "Jungle Attack Ironhide", mainly because I like the vehicle mode, it would work excelently as a Deep Safari Poacher's vehicle (he IS an Evil Decepticon, after all). The head will need replacing (although if there is any way to swap the head assembly with my '07 Ironhide, then I'll do that first since the ROTF head with rumored ball-joint neck would be a nice upgrade for that figure), and I'll need to do something with the engraved Autobot symbol on the tailgate, but other than those two issues he'll be a straight-up repaint.

    -Rockslide (Infltration specialist): I haven't really put much thought into this custom, since he was actually suggested by a friend, but a repainted Cybertron Hardtop (or whatever that Scout class dunebuggy was named) into a desert warfare camo scheme would fill out my team's ranks a little more. Best part is, since almost everything from Cybertron was Generic, I can really let my repainting skills shine here since I don't need to worry about any modifications and he's already got a gun.

    -Whiteout (Artic Recon, Strategist): In analyzing the types of Earth terrain that my team can cover, I noticed I have no provisions for the Arcic/Tundra areas. So that answered the role for the fifth member of the team. Of course, there's a noticeable lack of TF's built for snowy conditions (I myself only own the mini-con iceburg), so I was forced to use E. Snow cat for this guy. I'm still working on the personality and colorscheme.

    However, I'd like to hear some opinions from other Radicons, thus the main reason for this thread, so let me know what I should do for my 4 un-made Decepticon Customs (Mudflap is as good as done, I am just waiting for some more money before I order the Purple 'Con symbols along with some Classics Upgrade sets via Reprolabels). I do not really care about size, since my team is also like the Dinobots in that they will not combine (aside from that one time involving "The Beast"), and I'm open to suggestions.

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